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Our WordPress Multi-User sites are brandable to schools, sports leagues, churches, charities etc. and our income generating pluggin is available to their supporters and, essentially, "donate" their web traffic!

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Our hosting mission is to so enable your web site to earn you income that WE PAY YOU to host with us!

Software As A Service

Our customised WordPress Multi-User script is available to schools, real estate, insurance, car-dealer, sports leagues, churches, charities, political candidates on a subscription basis.

Bitcoin Services

More than just a new global crypto-currency/money! Bitcoin enables global participation, payments and financial accountability to our members

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Old Church Schism Is What Enables “Legal” Gay Marriage

Two things in the national news this week bring to point two fundamental issues about the five W's of marriage (who, what, when, where and why). The first event was the passage of legislation in Alabama by the state senate to eliminate the requirement of getting a marriage license in the state. The second was the

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Christian Entrepreneurship

Josh Trolley has an excellent video about entrepreneurship. I haven't read his book yet, "EvangelPreneur" but it is definitely at the top of my wish list! And as we watch the modern version of the Roman Collisseum and guberment's entertainment for the masses that we, today, call the "elections" we hear all the politicians pontificating

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Is God Dead? – Question Revisited After 50 Years

Time Magazine – April, 1966   I was reading another, more recent (Dec. 25, 2014) Wall Street Journal article by Eric Metaxas that does revisit the question yet again. It is the first time I had heard of or read anything by Mr. Metaxas and I have to say I am now a fan. Much

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